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Alexandra Remondini

Rafael Silva

Shaun Dhillon

Paulo Santillan

Shalene Lee

Tan Nguyen


Alex Remondini


Canada Martial Arts Supply canadamas adidas karate Canada BC  Canada Martial Arts Supply canadamas adidas karate Canada BC

Name: Alex Remondini
Birthday: July 25th 1994
Dojo (and sensei): I train at Ippon Dojo, My sensei is Adam Wackershauser
Country: Canada
Specialty: Kata and Kumite
Category: 16-17, Kumite: -53

Competition Results: 

  • ● 2013 Canadian National Championships
    •   ○ Bronze  18-20 Individual Kata
  • ● 2012 Canadian National Championships
    •   ○ Bronze 16-17 -53kg Kumite
  • ● North American Cup
    •   ○ Silver 16-17  -53kg Kumite
  • ● US Open
    •   ○ Silver  16-17 Team Kumite

2011 Karate Alberta Tournaments: January 2011: 16-17 Kumite -53: Gold16-17 Kata: GoldWomen’s Kata: Silver
May 2011: 16-17 Kumite -53: Gold
16-17 Kata: Gold
Women’s Kata: Gold

November 2011: 16-17 Kumite -53: Gold16-17 Kata: silverWomen’s Kata: Silver
Nationals 2011 St. Hyacinth 16-17 Team Kumite: Bronze
Junior Olympics 2011 Las Vegas 16-17 -55 Bronze
There have been various other medals from competing in Karate Alberta Tournaments; the results areusually gold or silver.

4 years Karate Alberta Kata and Kumite Champion for respective agecategory.
3time Bronze medalist at nationals in team Kumite.
2 time medalist at junior Olympics and USOpen in Las Vegas.

What being a CanadaMAS sponsored athlete means to me:
I consider myself very fortunate to have sponsorship from CanadaMAS. Being a sponsored athleteprovides many opportunities and open doors for me. I feel proud to be able to represent and competewhile wearing CanadaMAS karate gear. I have received many positive comments and inquiries fromother athletes and coaches on my apparel and equipment.

Outside of my martial arts training I am an avid photographer, in my spare time I seek the inner beautythe world presents us with and capture in the eye of my camera. Along with this I also have a monstroussweet tooth which I fuel through baking sweets for myself, family and friends. I am also a dedicatedathlete daily working out at the gym. In the summer months I spend my time golfing and in the winterskiing. Along with this I am also an accomplished musician. I sing and play piano, and have won manyawards for my singing at the Kiwanis music festival. These are my other passions in life.


Rafael Silva


Canada Martial Arts Supply Rafael Silva karate  Canada Martial Arts Supply Rafael Silva karate

Name: Rafael Silva
Birthday: March 10, 1997
Dojo (and sensei): Osuna Karate (Juan Osuna)
Country: Canada
Specialty: Kumite
Category: 16-17 Kata, 16-17 -68kg Kumite

Competition results:
15 time Kata Champion at Alberta Provincials

10 time Kumite Champion at Alberta Provincials

● Canadian National Championships, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec
  ○ Bronze, 14-15 Team Kumite
● USA Open
  ○ Silver, 14-15 -63kg Individual Kumite

● Canadian National Championships, Richmond, BC
  ○ Silver, 14-15 -70 Kg Individual Kumite
● USA Open
  ○ Bronze, 14-15 -70 Kg Individual Kumite
  ○ Bronze, 14-15 Team Kumite
● West Coast Open
  ○ Gold, 14-15 Individual Kata    
  ○ Silver, 14-15 Individual Kumite
  ○ Bronze, 16-17 Individual Kata
  ○ Bronze, WKF Individual Kata

● Steveston International Karate Championship
○ Gold, 14-15 Individual Kata
  ○ Gold, 14-15  Individual Kumite
  ○ Gold, 16-17 Individual Kata
  ○ Bronze, 16-17 Individual Kumite
● Canadian National Championships, Toronto, Ontario
  ○ Bronze, 16-17 Individual Kata
  ○ Bronze, 16-17 -68 individual Kumite


Karate Alberta Member, 3 years Consecutive
Karate canada Member, 2 years consecutive

What being a CanadaMAS sponsored athlete means to me:
I feel extremely Proud to be a sponsored athlete of CanadaMAS. CanadaMAS pushes me to become a better athlete and a better karateka. Being a part of CanadaMAS reminds me that I am representing a bigger team and that helps to push me to my peak. CanadaMAS helps athletes to be the best that they can be.


Paulo Santillan

Name: Paulo Miguel Santillan
Birthday: January 23, 1995
Dojo & Sensei: Kimeru Shotokan Karate Club under Sensei Brian James
Country: Canada
Specialty: Kata
Category: 16-17 years old

Competition Results:

●     2008 BC Winter Games in Kimberly-Cranbrook
○     Gold → 12-13 Team Kata
○     Gold → 12-13 Team Kumite
○     Silver → 12-13 -44kg Ind. Kumite
○     Bronze → 12-13 Ind. Kata

●     2009 Canadian National Championships in Calgary, Alberta
○     Silver → 14-15 Ind. Kata

●     2011 Canadian National Championships in Montreal, Quebec.
○     Gold → 16-17 Ind. Kata
○     Gold → 14-17 Team Kata
○     Silver → 16-17 Team Kumite
○     Bronze → 16-17 -55kg Ind. Kumite

●     2011 US Open, Las Vegas
○     Bronze → 16-17 -55kg Ind. Kumite

●     2011 Pan-American Championships in Fortaleza, Brazil
○     Bronze → 14-17 Team Kata

●     2011 Jr. World Championships in Melaka, Malaysia
○     Participant in both 16-17 Ind. Kata & 14-17 Team Kata

●     2013 Canadian National Championships in Toronto, Ontario
○     Gold → U21 Individual Kata
○     Gold → Senior Men's Team Kata

 Overview / Highlights:

●     2010 Certified Regional Kata / Kumite Judge in BC Winter Games Terrace
●     2011 Junior Male Grand Champion in Montreal, Quebec Nationals

Being a sponsored athlete of CanadaMAS has really helped me through karate training. I really appreciate the equipment and gi’s given to me by CanadaMAS. I regularly use the equipment given to me by CanadaMAS during my dojo training and competition and it has really been a great use to me. I also feel honoured to represent this company as an athlete.

●     Hobbies / Interests: Singing, Choir, Listening to Music, Altar Serve & Church, Video Games, Exercise, Sports, Hanging with my peers 
●     I also help volunteer at the dojo, assist in teaching, and I coach or assist when possible
●     I will be a Junior Coach for Zone 5,in this coming 2012 BC Winter Games in Vernon. 

Shalene Lee

Name: Shalene Lee
Birthday: December 19 1997
Dojo (sensei): Kimeru Shotokan Karate (Brian James)
Country: Canada
Specialty: Kata and Kumite

Competition Results:
Washington State Championships 2009 1 gold 1 bronze.
Sato Cup 2009 5 gold 1 silver 1 bronze Grand Champion.
Karate BC Provincial 2009 2 golds.
Zone 5 2009 2 gold.
Steveston International 2010 4gold 2 slilver.
Bc Winter Game 2010 1 gold 1 silver 1 bronze.
USA Junior olympics 2010 1gold 1 bronze.
USA open 2010 1 gold.
Washington State Karate Championship 2010 3 gold.
West Cost open 2010 2 gold 1 silver 1 bronze.
Sato Cup 2011 5 gold 1 bronze Jr Grand Champion.
Steveston International 2011 5 gold 1 silver Jr Female Grand champion.
Usa open 2011 1 silver 1 bronze. West Coast open 2011 3 gold 2 silver.
Zone 5 2011 2 gold.
Provincial Karate Bc 2011 1 gold. 
Karate Bc Qualifiers for National 2 gold.
Steveston International 2012 2 gold 2 silver 1 bronze. 

Overview/Highlights: Sato Cup Grand Champion, 2009-2010 2010-2011. Steveston Grand Champion 2009-2010, 2011-2012.

Tan Nguyen

Canada Martial Arts Supply canadamas adidas karate Canada BCCanada Martial Arts Supply canadamas adidas karate Canada BC

Name: Tan Nguyen
Birthday: May 16, 1996
Dojo: West River Hayashi-Ryu (Kenny Lim)
Specialty: Kata, kumite, kobudo
Category: 16-17 male kata;16-17 kumite -55 kg

Competition Results:

Gold - 2013 Canadian National Championships 16/17 Kata - Toronto, Ont
Bronze - 2013 Canadian National Championships 16/17 -61kg Kumite - Toronto, Ont
Gold - 2012 Canadian National Championships 16/17 -55kg Kumite - Richmond, BC
Bronze: 2012 Canadian National Championships 16/17 Kata - Richmond, BC
Bronze: 2011 Pan-American Championship 14/15 kata – Fortaleza Brasil
Gold: 2011 Canadian National Championship 14/15 kata – St.Hyacinthe, Quebec
Gold: 2011 Canadian National Championship 14/15 kumite – 57kg – St.Hyacinthe, Quebec
Bronze: 2010 Pan-American Championship 14/15 kata – Montreal, Quebec
Gold: 2010 Canadian National Championship 14/15 kata – Toronto, Ontario
Gold: 2010 BC Winter Games 12/13 kata – Terrace, British Columbia
Gold: 2010 BC Winter Games 12/13 kumite – Terrace, British Columbia
Gold: 2010 BC Winter Games 12/13 team kumite – Terrace, British Columbia

Overview/ Highlights:
2 times 14/15 kata National champion
Junior Male Athlete of the Year- Karate BC 2011

What does being a CanadaMAS athlete mean to me?
Being an athlete representing a team larger than myself is definitely something I am proud of. Ittells me that I’m putting in the work I need to do to be one step ahead of the game. With the support Iget from CanadaMAS, I could excel my competition levels even further. CanadaMAS is definitely a greathelp to me as an athlete who needs the right equipment to perform at my peak.